VR Biofield Project

Visually guided VR meditation experience, based on yoga practises such as chakra breathing, energy grounding, forming 'chi' between hands, etc. Utilizes a dynamic and interactive biofield model to help users learn and interact with visually guided meditation techniques.

Project Source and VR Releases (Github): https://github.com/leweyg/vrbiofield

Project Lead: Lewey Geselowitz


  • Mostly follow along in your own body.
  • Tap on the left/right side of the screen to change areas. Drag left/right to adjust view.
  • Right Yogi - demonstrates the active breathing and visualization technique.
  • Left Yogi - shows the detail of a particular activity, move mouse to select chakra/area.
  • Book (down and to the right) - click side tabs to change the activity.

  • Include activities:

  • Opening Breath - basic and recharging technique.
  • Meridians - configurable breathing in/out of each meridian.
  • Grounding Breath - used to clear legs and spine.
  • Chakra Breath (majors) - cycles one breath per Chakra.
  • Chi Ball Breath - charge up then absorb Chi at the Hara.