Heroine Dawn


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A single-quest fantasy-rpg in a hand-drawn first-person perspective.

3D remake by Lewey Geselowitz (based on the original Heroine Dusk code by Clint Bellanger).

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Heroine Dawn was adapted by Lewey Geselowitz http://lewcid.com
Heroine Dusk is created by Clint Bellanger http://clintbellanger.net
3D Assets by Kay Lousberg https://kaylousberg.com/
3D Authored in the Lewcid/Three.js Editor https://leweyg.github.io/lewcid_editor/
Monochrome RPG assets by Kenney https://www.kenney.nl/assets/monochrome-rpg
Heroine Dusk features music by Yubatake http://opengameart.org/users/yubatake


See the README.